Women in Cartography: Celebrating 400 Years of Unsung Contributions to the Mapping World, Exhibit Opening & Lecture

07/Jan/15 / 19:19 / Merritt Carey

Photo courtesy of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

This exhibition recognizes and celebrates the long overlooked role of women in the world of mapping; bringing their stories, accomplishments, and most importantly, their maps, to light. Curated by Alice Hudson, former Chief of the Map Division at the New York Public Library, Women in Cartography showcases the works of better-known women cartographers such as Marie Tharp (pictured above), who, in partnership with Bruce Heezen, created the first scientific map of the entire ocean floor, and, Agnes Sinclair Holbrook, who created the Hull-House maps, statistical cartographic presentations of social data from the immigrant rich Near West Side neighborhoods of Chicago. Curator, Alice Hudson, will give a lecture at the Exhibit opening.

Join us in celebrating these remarkable women and their maps, dating from Coletta van den Keere’s engraved portrait of Jodocus Hondius ca. 1613 to Claire Kiedrowski’s modern GIS and LiDAR work for Kappa Mapping in Maine. Check out the exhibit online, or stop by the gallery and see it in person!