Chatelain - Osher


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This intricately engraved map showing the region from Labrador to New Mexico contains an extraordinary amount of information. The minute geographic detail is supplemented by numerous historical and explanatory notes, and vignettes of Indian stockades, fauna, and scenes of native life. A large inset in the upper left depicts detailed geography of the Mississippi Delta, and two small insets in the lower right present a view of the city of Quebec and a plan of its environs. The map was intended to promote French commercial and political interests, and relegates the English colonies to a relatively narrow zone along the east coast In spite of the crisp engraving, it is difficult to extract information from the mass of detail.
The topographical features are more clearly defined, and the vignettes are highlighted. Colonial boundaries, designated only by obscure engraved lines on the uncolored version, are now immediately obvious. The decorative borders of the insets are more easily identified, especially that on the upper left.