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This intricately engraved map showing the region from Labrador to New Mexico contains an extraordinary amount of information. The minute geographic detail is supplemented by numerous historical and explanatory notes, and vignettes of Indian stockades, fauna, and scenes of native life. A large inset in the upper left depicts detailed geography of the Mississippi Delta, […]

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Before becoming an officer in the colonial militia, and eventually first president of the United States, George Washington was a land surveyor. He studied geometry as a youth: his “School Copy Book” (1745) is very similar to the manuscript survey manuals in the floor case (items 18–20). At 16, he worked as an apprentice on […]

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This map is a beautiful 1855 first edition example of Colton’s map of Maine. It covers the entire state as well as adjacent parts of Canada. Like most of Colton’s state maps, this map is largely derived from an earlier wall map of North America produced by Colton and D. Griffing Johnson. Colton identifies various […]

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