Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae nec non partis Virginiae tabula multis in locis emendate

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This map is a prime example of seventeenth-century Dutch cartography at its best it combines accurate and detailed geography with elegant design, engraving, embellishment, and color. The geographic view from Chesapeake Bay to Penobscot Bay is the most advanced of its time, showing virtually all known towns and settlements, the locations of each Indian tribe […]

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John Mitchell (1711-1768) was born in Virginia and educated at Edinburgh University in Scotland; he practiced as a physician back in Virginia before retiring to London in 1745. A botanist, Mitchell was soon adopted as an expert on exotic plants by the avid gardeners among Britain’s high society (Berkeley and Berkeley 1974). One of those […]

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This is Petrus Kaerius’ scarce version of Blaeu’s carte-a-figures map of the world. The border depicting allegorical representations of the sun, moon, and the five known planets, the four elements and the four seasons. The map was first published and dated 1608. In 1621 Kaerius sold his plates to Jan Janssonius who then issued the […]

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