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The Spanish Main

15/Oct/14 / 18:01 / admin

This is the first printed map to show the actual geographical outline of the Caribbean, as Columbus mapped it in 1492-1503. It appeared in 1511, in a work which suggested that Columbus had in fact reached a “New World” rather than “the Indies.”

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Society of Anti-Gallicans, A New and Accurate Map of the English Empire in North America

15/Oct/14 / 17:59 / admin

The early 1750s were marked by increasingly fierce competition between England and France for control of North American territory and commerce, especially the lucrative fur trading and fishing. Both countries issued proclamations, pamphlets, and maps in support of their conflicting claims, each accusing the other of illegal “encroachments.” The French vigorously asserted their sovereignty over […]

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15/Oct/14 / 17:57 / admin

This map of Palestine by Lucas Brandis was published in Lubeck, Germany, in 1475, for his history of the world, Rudimentum Novitiorum (First lessons for novice scholars). Considered the first “modern” printed map because it was not derived from Classical sources, it is also the oldest work in OML’s collections. This map is “oriented” with […]

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